Anna-Lena Kolze

I am an Animal Ecologist / Conservationist. During my studies, I investigated breeding and foraging ecology of birds focusing on environmental and anthropological impacts with conservation approaches. The field of conservation and endangered species analyzing the impacts, searching for conservation measures and eventually supporting political decision is a field that I followed through the years and that I want to develop further. Early-on till now, I investigated seabirds as well as raptors, passerine and apodiforme birds. To understand the whole ecosystem, I also investigated marine organisms such as fish and benthic organisms while working as a research assistant at GEOMAR Kiel, Germany, in the research group marine ecology and evolution. I assisted in experiments focusing on climate change and environmental variability effects on marine benthic organisms. On the other hand, I assisted in a fish monitoring in the Baltic Sea for population analysis and economic fishery impacts on cod and herring. Only recently, I included the biodiversity of mammals and their spatial distribution closed to the Colombian Capital based on a literature study. Furthermore, I included insects, more specifically in wild bee pollinators with community approach in my investigations. Herein, I included the field of agroecology investigating ecosystem functioning and services by evaluating existing conservation measures. At the moment I am writing on a proposal for a PhD in Colombia and looking for a job.