Other Publications

Christian Pansch and Martin Wahl: Movie „Die Kieler Benthokosmen“ or “The Kiel Outdoor Benthocosms – A look into the future” (Mai 2017)


Christian Pansch (2015) Photograph in: Faszination Wissenschaft 2016: Visions and Images of Fascination, Weekcalender, 56 pages, 24 x 32 cm, ISBN 978-3-7995-0677-9, www.thorbecke.de, 1. Auflage 2015


Christian Pansch (2012) Stress ecology in times of global change – single and combined effects of ocean acidification, temperature and food availability on different life stages of the barnacle Amphibalanus improvisus (PhD at GEOMAR Kiel, Germany“)


Yasmin S Appelhans, Jörn Thomsen, Christian Pansch, Frank Melzner, Martin Wahl (2010) Versauerung der Meere. Meer und Küste – Unsere Ostsee Ausgabe Nr. 2 / 2010 (ISBN 978-3-9811839-8-6, ISSN 2190-5754)


Christian Pansch (2007) Defense responses to grazing and fouling in 4 different seaweed species from the northern-central coast of Chile (Diploma thesis at Rostock University)