Supervision of PhD candidates

Jahangir Vajed Samiei: Kiel University / GEOMAR on the “The neglected role of environmental fluctuations as modulator of stress and driver of rapid evolution“ (PhD, 2017 – 2021)

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Ola Mohamed Nour: Kiel University / GEOMAR on the “Impact of elevated temperature and different salinities on the brush-clawed shore crab Hemigrapsus takanoi“ (Co-supervision: PhD fellowship of the German Academic Exchange Service (PhD, DAAD, 2016 – 2019)

Now at Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt

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Claudia Bommarito: Kiel University / GEOMAR on the “Environmental drivers of host-parasite interaction in the Baltic and Adriatic Sea under a global change perspective“ (Co-supervision: PhD fellowship Venice University (PhD, 2016 – 2019))