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PhD candidates

Ola Mohamed Nour: Kiel University / GEOMAR on the “Impact of elevated temperature and different salinities on the brush-clawed shore crab Hemigrapsus takanoi“ (Co-supervision: PhD fellowship of the German Academic Exchange Service (PhD, DAAD, 2016 – 19)

Now at Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt

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Bachelor and Master students

Laura Hennigs: Oldenburg University “Physiological responses of Cerastoderma glaucum to short term temperature fluctuations” (supervision together with Jahangir Vajedsamiei, Master, 2020)

Now at University of Greifswald, Germany

Tatjana Liese: Kiel University “Evaluation of new aquaculture methodologies for the Baltic Sea cockle Cerastoderma edule, in an environmental change context” (co-supervisor, Master, 2019)

Katja Seebass: Osnabrück University on the “The role of hypoxic upwelling in mitigating the negative impacts of marine heatwaves in an important marine predator” (main supervisor in collaboration with Fabian Wolf, Bachelor 2019)

Sarah Rühmkorff: Kiel University “The impact of heatwaves and upwelling events on the predator Asterias rubens within the Baltic Sea” (main supervisor, Bachelor, 2018)

Sonia Morón: Kiel University “Effects of extreme events on the performance of shallow and deep-water populations of the common sea star Asterias rubens” (main supervisor, Master, 2018)

Now at Université du Québec à Chicoutimi

Moritz Baumeister: Oldenburg University “The impact of fluctuating temperature regimes on the common starfish Asterias rubens“ (main supervisor, Bachelor, 2017)

Fabian Wolf: Kiel University “The neglected role of environmental fluctuations in climate change research – a small-scale community approach“ (main supervisor, Master, 2017)

Laura Hennigs: Oldenburg University “Do fluctuating pH regimes determine growth rates of the barnacle Balanus improvisus, and are these altered within the diffusive boundary layer of the bladder wrack Fucus vesiculosus?“ (main supervisor, Bachelor, 2017)

Mildred Johnson: Kiel University “Determination of the buffering capacity of diffusive boundary layers in an acidifying ocean“ (co-supervisor, Master, 2017)

Laura Schütt: Kiel University “Do fluctuating temperatures affect Clupea harengus eggs and larvae differently than a constant temperature of the same mean?“ (main supervisor, Master, 2016-17)

Patrick Blaß, Kiel University “Einfluss von Temperaturschwankung auf Herzraten, Filtration und Wachstum der Miesmuschel (Mytilus edulis, Linné 1758)“ (main supervisor, Master, 2016)



Sean Kearney, Kiel University (Jul-Sep 2019)

Erja Frei, Oldenburg University (Jun-Jul 2019)

Laura Hennigs, Oldenburg University (Sep-Nov 2016)

Sarah Breimann, Aberdeen University (Feb-Sep 2016)

Lena Soumpasus, Kiel University (Jun 2016)

Moritz Ehrlich, Jennifer Schulze, Kiel University (summer 2015)

Jenny Tamm, Potsdam University (Jul-Aug 2015)

Ulrike Jäger, Berlin University (Mar-May 2015)

Mara Heinrichs, Oldenburg University (ERASMUS, May-Jul 2014)

Giannina SI Hattich, Kiel University (ERASMUS, Jul-Sep 2013)

School internships: Levin Mats Wieschermann, Bochum (3 wks); Sönke Beween, Bad Nenndorf (4 wks); Viviane Mejta, Yspertal, Austria (8 wks)