Sarah Rühmkorff

MSc student with GEOMAR, Kiel and practical work at Åbo Akademi University.
-> Soon to hopefully join the Finland team as PhD candidate.

Research interests: I was always interested in marine biology and ecology. Therefore, after my graduation, I worked as a volunteer in a marine biology conservation project on Fiji for five months. Then I began to study biology at the CAU University in Kiel. To extend my knowledge in marine ecosystem functioning, I choose elective modules and lectures on marine biology and ecological topics. I also made a voluntary internship at the GEOMAR Kiel in the department Benthic Ecology of Prof. Dr. Wahl and Dr. Pansch. There, I got insights into the impacts of climate change on benthic species, such as the keystone predator Asterias rubens. Currently, I´m writing my Bachelor thesis on “The impact of heatwaves and upwelling events on the predator Asterias rubenswithin the Baltic Sea” in the group of Dr. Pansch.

Short Background:
2006 ‑ 2014 High School, Eschweiler
Jan ‑ May 2015 Shark Conservation Project, Fiji
since Oct 2015 CAU University, Kiel
2017 Internship GEOMAR, Kiel
2018 Bachelor thesis