Lectures and Courses

Multi-Stressor workshop for international PhD students at the IAEA Environment Laboratories organized by the Ocean Acidification International Coordination Centre (OA-ICC), in Monaco (teacher for one full week)

Masters course practicals: “MNF-bioc-202 Advanced Practical Course in Biological Oceanography – Practical Part A2 (Benthic Ecology)“, (Practical 500081) – 2SWS (3 ECTS)

Masters course lecture and seminar: “MNF-bioc-332 Current Topics in Marine Ecology II“ (Lecture 500067) – 3SWS (4.5 ECTS), (Seminar 500084) – 2SWS (3 ECTS)

Supervision of Poseidon research vessel cruise POS506 with 8 master students

Supervision of ALKOR research vessel cruise AL643 with 9 master students

“Scientist in Charge” at the ALDEBARAN research vessel within the German education and research program for students from secondary schools “Meereswettbewerb“ (2013)

Co-supervision of the bachelors module „Animal Physiology“ (practicals) at Rostock University

Several current topics lectures as part of the masters curriculum in Biological Oceanography at GEOMAR and Kiel University