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Åbo Underrättelser – Our 2022 Korpo Experiments

Värmeböljor påverkar också havet – internationell forskargrupp på plats i Korpoström

Åbo Underrättelser – The 2021 BaltVib sampling

Article at the Abo Akademi Webpage

Belastningen varierar under dygnet och med årstiderna

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Swedish daily newspaper in Finland

This articles apparently follows an interview that I had previously on my new position here in Turku. We talked about possible measures that could reduce the pressure on tourism during climate extremes such as marine heatwaves. So these ideas are accompanied with a comment from the tourist business – which apparently never thought of potential environmental impacts of their business. So it is about time.

Newspaper advert at Hufvudstadsbladet

‘ÅA’s new professor of marine research: Could changes in the archipelago’s tourism be a way to protect the Baltic Sea?’

A new article in which some of the ideas are discussed on how tourism could adapt to extreme environmental periods (in Swedish).