Short CV

Professional Background

Since Oct 2019 Associate Prof. of Marine Biology at Åbo Akademi University – Environmental and Marine Biology, Åbo/Turku, Finland

Oct 2017 – Oct 2019 Researcher at GEOMAR – Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Germany

Oct 2014 – Sep 2017 Helmholtz Postdoc at GEOMAR: “Zooming in on Climate Change: Assessing the importance of biological buffering of environmental stress with decreasing temporal and spatial scales“

Nov 2013 – Aug 2014 Postdoc at the Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology, Gothenburg University, Sweden: EU collaborative project LEAF on „Low Emission AntiFouling coatings based on the novel discovered post settlement penetration triggered antifouling“

Nov 2012 – Oct 2013 Postdoc at the Department of Biological & Environmental Sciences, Gothenburg University, Sweden: Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences fellowship on „Significant steps forward – interactive impacts of climate change on interactions between ecologically important species within the Baltic Sea“ and KVVS fellowship on „Genes to greenhouse gases: adaptation potential of barnacles to ocean acidification“

Jul – Oct 2012 Researcher at the Marine Ecology department at the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Germany


Academic Achievements

2012 Doctor of Science (magna cum laude) Kiel University, Germany
PhD at the GEOMAR Kiel, Germany on „Stress ecology in times of global change – single and combined effects of ocean acidification, temperature and food availability on different life stages of the barnacle Amphibalanus improvisus“ (Apr 2008 – Jul 2012)

2007 Diploma in Biology (very good), Rostock University, Germany
Diploma Thesis within the GAME-Project at the IFM-GEOMAR in Kiel and the Universidad Católica del Norte in Coquimbo, Chile on “The effects of light stress on the capacity of macroalgae to defend themselves against grazing and fouling” (scholarship provided by the STIFTUNG-MERKATOR; Oct 2006 – Nov 2007)