Lucinda Kraufvelin

PhD candidate at Åbo Akademi University.

I am a PhD student at Åbo Akademi University, currently working at the Subject of Environmental and Marine Biology with Marie Nordström and Christian Pansch as my supervisors. Growing up on the Baltic Sea coast, I have constantly been exposed to and curious about the marine environment, which led me to pursue an education in Biology. Over the course of my studies, I have become intrigued with climate change and stress ecology. I completed my MSc thesis with Christian Pansch as my supervisor in the spring of 2021. The title of my MSc thesis is “Identification of marine heatwaves in the Archipelago Sea and experimental testing of their impact on the non-indigenous Harris mud crab”. In short, I modelled marine heatwave characteristics of the Archipelago Sea and experimentally exposed mud crabs to marine heatwaves of differing intensities, measuring survival as well as feeding and growth rates.

For my PhD studies, I will continue working with marine heatwaves and non-indigenous species, but rather than merely examining single species responses, I plan to look at this aspect from the community response perspective and determine how these drivers have impacted and will impact marine food webs, energy flows and their functioning in the future. More specifically, I intend to determine marine heatwave effects on overall food web structure and function, with the possibility to focus on individual trophic links of interest. Also, I intend to experimentally test the added effect of a non-indigenous species on the community response during a marine heatwave.