New paper out testing how thermal variability affects key benthic predators

In this SciRep paper, we tested how different scales of thermal disturbance, from sinusoidal short-term cycles to seasonal and long-term temperature changes impact the sea star Asterias rubens and the crab Hemigrapsus takanoi, two key predators on dominant Western Baltic Sea mussel reefs.

We found strong impacts of long-term changes but sea stars also responded  to the very short-term thermal cycles, imposing additional stress to this species.



Fully funded summer project on heatwave impacts on seagrass ecosystems of varying genetic diversity

The importance of genetic diversity and small-scale environmental variability in shaping key coastal ecosystems

We are looking for a Bachelor/Master/Internship student skilled (or interested) in Benthic Ecology: The participant will join a larger-scale experiment run in summer 2020 at the Tjärnö Marine Laboratory, located on an island in the Kosterhavet marine national park, at the Swedish west coast 2 hours north of Gothenburg. Travel expenses and the stay in the guesthouse are fully funded.

See pdf for details: Master KVA Tjärnö Sweden

New Story in the major Swedish daily newspaper in Finland

This articles apparently follows an interview that I had some weeks ago on my new position here in Turku. We talked about possible measures that could reduce the pressure on tourism during climate extremes such as marine heatwaves. So these ideas are accompanied with a comment from the tourist business – which apparently never thought of potential environmental impacts of their business. So it is about time.